Han-Yin Yang

Han-Yin Yang is a Mandarin interpreter who decided she wanted to work as an interpreter at a young age.

I was born in Taiwan, migrating to Australia with my family around the year 2000.

Taiwan is an island that heavily relies upon international trades. When I was young, I had the opportunity to observe interpreters working in business fields. I was amazed by their language and communication skills. All of them not only interpreted the meaning of the words but the emotions of the speakers as well. Although they are not professional actors, their performances were awesome and impressive. Since then I had made up my mind to begin a career in interpreting.

A career in interpreting gives me a lot of opportunities to explore the world. Another reason for me to become an interpreter is my personality. I am a very curious person. I enjoy investigating subjects that interest me and love to learn new knowledge outside of my professional career. I enjoy reading and listening to podcasts (especially when the topic is health-related), cooking, having coffee with friends, and going to the beach. I have undertaken a self-education journey about essential oils, learning about the history and theories of aromatherapy. I am totally obsessed with the chemical interaction between the human body and aroma.

For new interpreters, I would like to recommend that they train their brain, not just work on their note-taking skills. This helps to memorise as much information as possible, which I find is a very efficient tool for interpreters to accomplish their task. I would also like to remind new interpreters to look after their health, both physically and mentally. With a healthy body and a strong and clear mind, it will definitely help your performance.