Pre-booked phone interpreting

Pre-booked phone interpreting can be easily arranged in advance to make sure you are allocated the most suitable interpreter available.

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About pre-booked phone interpreting
Booking a pre-booked phone interpreter

About pre-booked phone interpreting

TIS National offers all agency clients the ability to book a phone interpreter through our online booking system, TIS Online.

Pre-booked phone interpreting can support:

  • complex or highly sensitive subject matter
  • briefing the interpreter about any critical information before connecting the non-English speaker
  • higher success rates of securing a rare language interpreter or a language with limited availability
  • appointments located at facilities such as correctional centres where physical access is restricted.

Agencies can request TIS National conference in their client if they are not already on the line. Please note TIS National is unable to make international calls. If a client is overseas, please ensure they are already on the line or alternatively utilise a video remote interpreting booking.

Booking a pre-booked phone interpreter

You can easily request and manage all of your phone interpreter bookings through the TIS Online portal. Using TIS Online allows us to secure an interpreter for your request in the shortest possible time frame. 

Pre-booked phone bookings have a minimum time of 30 minutes and may be made for appointments up to 90 calendar days in advance from the date of request.

Providing at least one week’s notice will mean you have the best chance of being allocated the highest credentialed interpreter available. TIS National will notify you once an interpreter has been allocated to your request.

To use TIS Online you need to register an account with TIS National. 

If you need to update the appointment details after you have submitted your request, you can do this easily through your TIS Online account if there is more than 24 hours to the originally requested start time.

Please note, some details may not be able to be adjusted through the portal. For these adjustments, please contact the Service Delivery team for further support.

You can also estimate the cost of your booking using our cost calculator.