Information for clients that promote TIS National

Does your agency promote TIS National or share links to our website? Some of our website information has recently changed, so yours may need to.

Promote TIS National

In October 2023, TIS National launched a new website with a refreshed look and feel. The page navigation was improved so interpreters, agencies, and people with limited English proficiency can easily locate the information needed to access interpreting services.

As a result of our website enhancements, some of the URL links from our old website might not be working. We have also made additional changes to some of our information and resources over the past 12 months.

To make sure that our clients can continue to easily visit our website and engage interpreting services, we kindly ask that you review any TIS National information published on your own website or other resources.

If you contact our Client Engagement team, we can help ensure your business or organisation has up-to-date TIS National links and information. Alternatively, you may prefer to check independently by referring to our new website.

Did you know that we also have a catalogue of promotional materials?

The catalogue includes a range of TIS National promotional materials to assist TIS National clients and people who need an interpreter to be able to access our services. This includes multilingual resources and guidelines on how to promote the use of our information and logos.

To find out more about promoting TIS National, You will find more information on the page Promoting TIS National.

If you require assistance, please email and attach any related links or information.