Our new online Interpreter booking form

09 September 2013

Interpreter booking form: Thank you for your feedback

You may have noticed that we have now launched our new online Interpreter booking form.

We have received feedback from some of our clients that this form has not worked in a way that you would have expected. We appreciate you taking the time to tell us this information through our online Feedback form.

In response to your feedback we have implemented some changes to ensure that you receive notification that we have received your request once you have submitted it and to ensure that your request auto registers in our systems as quickly as possible.

We have heard that you have found it difficult to find the online booking form and have made several changes to ensure that you can find it easily, including placing a link in the Quicklinks box on the agency client landing page.

Please note: When completing the online form enter the time of your booking in 24 hour time.

We will continue to work hard to make improvements to all of our online forms and encourage you to provide feedback to us.

If for any reason you require the PDF version of this form to fax to TIS National please contact us and we can provide this to you.


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