Phone interpreting

TIS National offers two types of phone interpreting services:

Immediate phone interpreting is available 24 hours, every day of the year for agency clients and non-English speakers who need to use an interpreter over the phone.

If you need to schedule a phone interpreter in advance, please use our pre-booked phone interpreting service.

 Immediate phone interpreting

Automated Telephone Interpreting Service

1800 131 450

The Automated Telephone Interpreting Service (ATIS) is our fastest and easiest way to connect with a phone interpreter immediately and provides services in over 50 languages.

To use ATIS you need to have a:

  • TIS National client code
  • ATIS account number
  • ATIS access number.

Once you are set up with ATIS, you can skip the call queue and allocate an immediate phone interpreter directly by calling 1800 131 450 and following the prompts.

Why use ATIS?

If your client is with you at the time of the call or you have a phone that has conferencing ability to call them if they are not with you, ATIS is the easiest way to get an interpreter on the line.

Register for ATIS

To register for ATIS you can do one of the following:

  1. Click 'Add new ATIS account'.
  2. Enter your chosen account name and access number, then click 'Add'.  

ATIS Video

TIS National has produced a short video explaining the simple five step process to accessing an immediate phone interpreter through ATIS.

Watch the ATIS video.

More information about ATIS.

TIS National Contact Centre

131 450

TIS National provides operator-assisted access to an immediate phone interpreter in over 150 languages where you request your language and the operator allocates the interpreter for you. 

Why might I need operator assistance to allocate an interpreter?

Once TIS has the interpreter on the line, if you need your client to be called, simply tell the operator and they will be able to conference your non-English speaking client into the call.

Calling 131 450

When you dial 131 450, an automated prompt will ask you which language you need.

If you are registered with TIS as an agency client, you will be given an option to use our automated service, ATIS.

If you do not wish to use ATIS, simply say 'no' and you will be placed in the queue to speak with a TIS National Contact Centre operator who can allocate the interpreter for you.  

Information required

When your call is answered, the TIS National operator will ask you for the following information:

  • to confirm the language you have requested
  • your TIS National client code
  • your agency's name and the section you work in
  • your name and phone number
  • the non-English speaker's name
  • the non-English speaker's phone number (if you require TIS to conference them into the call)
  • any required information your agency has requested be recorded by TIS National (for example, an identification number or claim number).

To help our operators process your request as quickly as possible, please have this information ready to provide when requested.

 Please view our interpreting service charges before requesting TIS National services.