Changes to TIS National's cancellation policy

26 April 2018

TIS National are amending the cancellation notice period required for:

  • Full Day On-site jobs (these are on-site jobs that are 6.5 hours in duration or longer)
  • IMA deployments
  • Extended Travel On-site jobs (these are on-site jobs where the interpreter must travel 100 km or more, one way, from their usual place of residence).

The required cancellation notice period for a Full Day On-site job or IMA deployment will be 48 hours before the scheduled start time. For Extended Travel jobs, the required notice period will generally also be 48 hours before the scheduled start time. However, in some circumstances, special provisions apply which result in the required minimum notice being greater than 48 hours to ensure cancellations can be actioned within standard TIS National operating hours.

A cancellation fee will apply for any significant change or cancellation provided with less than the required notice. This amendment is now in place for IMA deployments and Extended Travel jobs and will apply to all Full Day On-site jobs scheduled on or after 1 May 2018.

For all Standard On-site jobs, 24 hours’ notice is still required for any significant change or cancellation. These are on-site jobs less than 6.5 hours in duration.

What is a significant change?

Where a client requests a significant change to a job with insufficient notice, TIS National will treat this in the same way as a cancellation with insufficient notice and cancellation charges may apply.

A significant change could result in a different interpreter allocated and includes changes to the:

  • requested language
  • job location
  • date or time of assignment
  • requested interpreter gender or credential level.

TIS National may also determine that other requests constitute a significant change where they have an impact on the original interpreter allocation.

Details of these changes are contained within TIS National's cancellation policy.


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