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Tip Tuesday: The best time to access TIS National services

Created: 20 March 2018

TIS National immediate telephone services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year by calling 131 450. The amount of time it takes to connect to a contact centre operator is generally shorter in the morning between the hours of 8am and 10am Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), and all day on Fridays.read more

Tip Tuesday: Who can you call using TIS National?

Created: 06 March 2018

TIS National provides interpreting services to a wide range of agencies and businesses throughout Australia. More than 60,000 agencies, including the Department of Home Affairs, are registered with TIS National.

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Tip Tuesday: When to use an on-site interpreter?

Created: 27 February 2018

When using a phone interpreter would not be suitable, TIS National can arrange for an interpreter to visit your location. On-site interpreting services can be arranged for any location in Australia (subject to interpreter availability).read more

NEW: Multilingual instructional resource for non-English speakers

Created: 21 February 2018

At TIS National, we always strive to provide an excellent service to our clients. To ensure that non-English speakers (NES) are able to access interpreting services effectively, TIS National developed an instructional poster for non-English speakers calling 131 450, which displays the process of a NES initiated call to TIS National.
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Tip Tuesday: Are you eligible for free services?

Created: 30 January 2018

TIS National provides the Free Interpreting Service, on behalf of the Department of Social Services. The Free Interpreting Service assists approved organisations and individual service providers to communicate with eligible Australians who do not speak English.

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Tip Tuesday: How our client account managers can help you

Created: 23 January 2018

TIS National has a team of client account managers who ensure you have the best possible experience using our interpreting service. Each of our account managers are responsible for providing specialist support and can provide advice on interpreting services tailored to your requirements.



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