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Do your clients know you use TIS National interpreters?

Created: 20 May 2015

At TIS National, we’ve made it easy to promote the availability of our interpreters to communicate with your organisation. Providing access to language services supports all Australians to connect with your business regardless of their language. 

Our Guidelines for promoting TIS National can assist you to let your clients know they can access TIS National interpreters to communicate with your agency.

The guidelines can be used together with a range of pre-translated...read more

New edition of Talking TIS now available

Created: 17 February 2015

The latest edition of the Talking TIS newsletter is now available!

This edition features an article about our soon-to-be-launched TIS Online booking service which will be supported by a range of enhancements to our other booking notifications.

In addition, you can find out more about:

  • our dedicated team of account managers
  • the interpreter scholarship...read more

Need to book an interpreter?

Created: 07 July 2014

You can request an on-site or pre-booked phone interpreter quickly and easily using our online interpreter booking form.

In an effort to create a streamlined and paperless booking system, from 1 September 2014, TIS National will stop accepting booking requests sent by fax.

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Do you send booking requests to TIS National by fax?

Created: 16 June 2014

In an effort to create a streamlined and paperless booking system, from 1 September 2014, TIS National will no longer accept booking requests which are sent by fax.

From this date, booking requests for on-site and pre-booked phone interpreters will only be accepted through the online interpreter booking form on our website.

There are a range of benefits to using the online booking form including:

Subscribe to our e-communications

Created: 14 May 2014

Would you like keep up-to-date with the latest news and initiatives at TIS National?

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) provides electronic communication updates to anyone who wants to know what’s happening at TIS National.

By subscribing to receive e-communications from TIS National, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and events including:

• service updates
• the Talking...read more

Interpreter allocation policy update

Created: 15 April 2014

TIS National's interpreter allocation policy has been updated.

TIS National assigns work to interpreters based on this policy which includes information about how we respond to requests for specific interpreters.

View our interpreter allocation policy to find out how we handle requests for specific interpreters.

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Top tip: requesting specific interpreters

Created: 10 February 2014

Have you ever been unsure if you’re allowed to request a specific interpreter or an interpreter of a particular gender, cultural background or religion from TIS National?

The ‘Using TIS National services’ section of our Frequently Asked Questions for agencies provides answers to these commonly asked questions and a range of other useful information about using our services.

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