Language accreditations available

TIS National adheres to the TIS National allocation policy when allocating an interpreter to your booking. You may wish to specify your preferred level of accreditation when making your pre-booked phone or on-site interpreter bookings. 

Accreditation from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the only qualification officially accepted for the interpreting profession in Australia.

There are three main levels of interpreter accreditation available through NAATI.

Professionally Accredited (level 3 and above):

Professional Interpreters are suitable for specialisations such as health, legal and formal proceedings. 

Para-professionally accredited (level 2):

Paraprofessional interpreters are for the purpose of general conversations and undertake the interpretation of non-specialist dialogues. 

Not accredited (Nil accredited or NAATI recognised):

Nil accredited interpreters undergo interview and reference checking process by TIS National to ensure their work is of a high standard. For languages where accreditation is not available you may be allocated a nil-accredited or NAATI recognised interpreter.

The list below outlines the languages where accreditation is available through NAATI. This list is updated regularly in line with information on the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) website.

Please note,  when making your booking that accreditation is not available in all language provided by TIS National. For a full list of the languages offered by TIS National see the Languages available through TIS National.


Language  Paraprofessional Interpreter   Professional Interpreter
 Albanian  Yes  Yes
 Amharic  Yes  Yes
 Arabic  Yes  Yes
 Armenian  Yes  No
 Assyrian  Yes  No
 Bangla  Yes  Yes
 Bosnian  Yes  Yes
 Bulgarian  Yes  Yes
 Cantonese  Yes  Yes
 Croatian  Yes  Yes
 Czech  Yes  No
 Dari  Yes  Yes
 Dinka  Yes  No
 Dutch  Yes  Yes
 Farsi (Persian)  Yes  Yes
 Filipino  Yes  Yes
 Finnish  Yes  Yes
 French  Yes  Yes
 German  Yes  Yes
 Greek  Yes  Yes
 Hazaragi  Yes  No
 Hindi  Yes  Yes
 Hungarian  Yes  Yes
 Indonesian  Yes  Yes
 Italian  Yes  Yes
 Japanese  Yes  Yes
 Khmer  Yes  Yes
 Korean  Yes  Yes
 Lao  Yes  Yes
 Macedonian  Yes  Yes
 Malay  Yes  Yes
 Maltese  Yes  Yes
 Mandarin  Yes  Yes
 Myanmar language  Yes  Yes
 Nepali  Yes  No
 Nuer  Yes  No
 Oromo  Yes  No
 Polish  Yes  Yes
 Portuguese  Yes  Yes
 Punjabi  Yes  Yes
 Pushto  Yes  No 
 Romanian  Yes  Yes
 Russian  Yes  Yes
 Samoan  Yes  Yes
 Serbian  Yes  Yes
 Sinhalese  Yes  Yes
 Slovak  Yes  Yes
 Somali  Yes  Yes
 Spanish  Yes  Yes
 Swahili  Yes  No
 Tamil  Yes  Yes
 Tetum  Yes  No
 Thai  Yes  Yes
 Tigrinya  Yes  No
 Tongan  Yes  Yes
 Turkish  Yes  Yes
 Ukrainian  Yes  Yes
 Urdu  Yes  Yes
 Vietnamese  Yes  Yes