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2 - Who can I contact through TIS National

Created: 21 July 2022

Over 60,000 agency clients, including the Department of Home Affairs, are registered with TIS National. Some of our other clients include: state and federal government departments local councils medical and health practitioners pharmacists utility companies telecommunication companies emergency services legal services settlement and community service providers TIS National can not guarantee that the organisation you need to contact accepts interpreter-assisted calls more

Professional development for TIS National interpreters

Created: 20 July 2018

Certification The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) highly regards certification from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). TIS National is continually encouraging and recruiting interpreters to provide services in new and emerging languages. Contact your Interpreter Liaison Officer or visit the NAATI website for guidance about how to obtain or upgrade your NAATI credential. Scholarships TIS National is committed to the professionalism of the more

On-site interpreting

Created: 06 June 2013

If you are a non-English speaker On-site (face-to-face) interpreters can be booked in advance of an appointment to attend a particular location. On-site interpreters can be arranged for any location in Australia (subject to interpreter availability). On-site appointments are usually booked by the organisation that needs to communicate with their non-English speaking client by submitting an on-site interpreter booking request up to 90 days before an appointment. If an organisation has arranged an on-site more

Pre-booked phone interpreting

Created: 21 July 2022

If you are a non-English speaker Pre-booked phone interpreters can be arranged in advance of an appointment. Pre-booked phone interpreting services are usually booked by the organisation that needs to communicate with their non-English speaking client by submitting a pre-booked interpreting request up to 28 days before an appointment. If an organisation has arranged a pre-booked phone interpreter for you and you need to cancel the appointment, it is important you tell the organisation as soon as possible, more

Tip Tuesday: How our client account managers can help you

Created: 23 January 2018

TIS National has a team of client account managers who ensure you have the best possible experience using our interpreting service. Each of our account managers are responsible for providing specialist support and can provide advice on interpreting services tailored to your requirements. Our account managers have in-depth knowledge of TIS National’s business processes and are the first point of contact for any enquiries about the services we provide to the Australian community. If there is anything our more

ATIS application form

Created: 06 June 2013

ATIS is an automated voice-prompted immediate telephone interpreting service. ATIS is a service for agency clients to access an interpreter in high demand languages without assistance from a TIS National operator. If you already have a TIS National client code you may be able to apply for access to ATIS by completing the form below. The use of this ATIS account may incur service charges if used to access interpreting services. Please refer to the TIS National interpreting service charges for a schedule of more

TIS Multilingual

Created: 21 July 2022

TIS National’s latest initiative, TIS Multilingual, improves the multilingual services offered to its diverse, multilingual audience. TIS Multilingual displays translated HTML content in the top ten high-demand languages within three sections of the TIS National website: Non-English speakers About us Help and support.  Languages Translated HTML content is currently available in the following languages: Arabic Dari Farsi (Persian) Korean Simplified Chinese more

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and TIS National on-site services

Created: 12 January 2022

With current COVID-19 restrictions in place for most Australian states and territories, please consider the expert public health advice relevant to your state or territory by visiting the Australian Government Department of Health website. Due to the current delays in receiving COVID-19 PCR test results and the constrained supply of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) testing kits, please consider using phone and video interpreting services if your agency requires an interpreter to pre-test for COVID-19 more

The Census is here, and we are ready!

Created: 09 August 2021

TIS National is once again honoured to serve the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the wider community in providing immediate in-language telephone interpreting services for the upcoming 2021 Census. TIS National’s involvement this year will be uniquely different to previous years as it will be largely influenced by COVID-19 outbreaks and lockdowns across the country. This unique challenge required us to be agile and flexible to meet the increased demands for interpreting services. To achieve this, more

Working with TIS National interpreters

Created: 22 December 2015

The role of the interpreter The interpreter’s role is to accurately convey the whole spoken message from one language to another while abiding by the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) Code of Ethics. The AUSIT Code of Ethics is intended to regulate the professional conduct of Australian interpreters and includes: professional conduct confidentiality competence impartiality accuracy clarity of role boundaries more