TIS National recruits at Fiesta Malaysia

26 May 2017

As part of TIS National’s campaign to recruit more Malay language interpreters, TIS National participated in the Fiesta Malaysia event at Federation Square on Saturday 6 May 2017. 

Due to the high demand for interpreting services in the Malay language, TIS National staff were hoping to attract potential Malay language interpreters and they weren’t disappointed. They engaged with over 80 people who were interested in learning more about becoming a TIS National interpreter. TIS Staff are already progressing the recruitment for some Malay language interpreters that they met on the day. 


TIS National actively seeks to attend multicultural events and connect with communities on a regular basis. This helps to promote the use of TIS National services to non-English speaking individuals and agency clients. It also assists in recruiting interpreters to meet the language needs of the community. What better way to engage with potential interpreters and meet the people who benefit from our services than to join our community in celebration!


Fiesta Malaysia celebrated Malaysia’s multicultural society in an exciting and inclusive event featuring a variety of sights, sounds, tastes and aromas representing Malaysian culture. This forum was a great opportunity for TIS National to promote the essential services TIS offers to the Australian community. 


Fiesta Malaysia

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