ATIS application form

ATIS is an automated voice-prompted immediate telephone interpreting service. ATIS is a service for agency clients to access an interpreter in high demand languages without assistance from a TIS National operator.

If you already have a TIS National client code you may be able to apply for access to ATIS by completing the form below.

The use of this ATIS account may incur service charges if used to access interpreting services. Please refer to the TIS National interpreting service charges for a schedule of GST inclusive charges.

Please note, the ATIS system is unable to collect any additional required information that you may have requested TIS National operators to collect when individuals access your client code.

* Indicates a required field

Contact details of requesting officer More information This is the person who is registering for access to ATIS and will be the contact person for this request
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ATIS account details
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