Tip Tuesday: How our client account managers can help you

23 January 2018

TIS National has a team of client account managers who ensure you have the best possible experience using our interpreting service. Each of our account managers are responsible for providing specialist support and can provide advice on interpreting services tailored to your requirements.

Our account managers have in-depth knowledge of TIS National’s business processes and are the first point of contact for any enquiries about the services we provide to the Australian community. If there is anything our account managers can’t help with, they’ll be sure to point you in the right direction.

Our account managers can:

  • create accounts for clients who are new to our service

  • recommend the most appropriate service channels to suit your needs
  • provide guidance on using our interpreting services, including our online services
  • provide tips on working effectively with interpreters

  • provide assistance in delivering information sessions and facilitating training requests

  • update your account information and provide data and usage reports

  • assist you to promote the availability of interpreters to your clients

  • register, investigate and respond to your feedback about our services.

 Contact your account manager by email at tispromo@homeaffairs.gov.au or by calling 1300 655 820.

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