Pre booked phone interpreter form

Please submit pre-booked phone interpreting requests at least 48 hours prior to the time and date you require the interpreter.

Failure to provide at least 48 hours' notice for pre-booked phone interpreting requests may result in TIS National being unable to service your request.

If you would like to pre-book a phone interpreter in advance of an appointment.

Booking requests will only be accepted up to three months in advance.

    The minimum booking time is 30 minutes for a pre-booked phone interpreter.

    TIS National will send a confirmation to your nominated email address when this request is received and another confirmation (including your job number) when an interpreter has been allocated to your phone booking.

    This booking may incur charges. Please view our interpreting service charges and cancellation policy before submitting a booking request. You can also estimate the cost your booking using our cost calculator.

    View the languages currently available through TIS National.

    If you require an on-site interpreter, visit the TIS Online automated on-site booking system.

    If you require an immediate phone interpreter, please contact TIS National on 131 450.

    Do you have a TIS Online login to make an interpreter booking using your TIS National client code? More information Your TIS Online login is your email address, client code and a unique password.
    TIS Online
    Click here to log in to your TIS Online account to request and manage your pre-booked telephone jobs.
    Pre-booked telephone requests can now be submitted and managed via your TIS Online portal. To arrange access to TIS Online, please contact your account administrator. Alternatively, please email the TIS National Client Support Team at The booking form below is temporarily available to support this transition and will be removed on Monday 15 August 2022.

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    Pre-booked telephone interpreter
    Contact Details More information The booking contact is the person who is making the booking and needs to be notified of any job confirmation, change or cancellation. This may be the same or a different person as the site contact for the day of the booking
    Details of site contact
    Appointment details

    On-site interpreter booking

    Location of appointment

    Telephone interpreter booking

    Preferred booking time More information Minimum booking time might be applicable Please note minimum booking time is 90 minutes Please note minimum booking time is 30 minutes *
    Enter number for hours, then minutes, then A M or P M. Use the tab key or arrow keys to move between fields.
    0 Hours
    The job duration has exceeded 6.5 hours.
    Please select the preferred gender of the interpreter*
    If an interpreter of this gender cannot be allocated, would you like TIS National to allocate an interpreter of another gender?*
    Interpreter credentials

    Credentials from the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) are the only qualifications officially accepted for the interpreting profession in Australia

    There are three main levels of interpreter credentials available through NAATI:

    • Certified Interpreter (or higher)
    • Certified Provisional Interpreter
    • Recognised Practising Interpreter

    Some TIS National interpreters hold none of the credentials outlined above and are referred to as ‘Nil credentialed’. This generally occurs in very low demand languages where NAATI offers neither certification nor recognised practising status. These interpreters undergo TIS National interview and reference checking processes to ensure their work is of a high standard. For languages where certification is not available, TIS National may be able to allocate a Recognised Practising or nil-credentialed interpreter.

    View individual credential descriptions and suitability.

    TIS National allocates the highest credentialed interpreter available. If TIS National cannot allocate a NAATI Certified interpreter, would you like us to allocate a lower (or nil) credentialed interpreter? More information If you select no, we will only try to allocate a Certified interpreter. However, if no Certified interpreter is available or there is no NAATI Certification for your requested language, the request will be cancelled and you will need to resubmit your request or source an interpreter through another channel (for example, using the immediate phone interpreting service). *
    Nature of appointment
    Please indicate the nature of your request* More information Select the ‘standard’ option if the interpreter is required for a general appointment. Select the ‘high profile’ option if the appointment may have a public impact or involve high level contact at an international level. TIS National interpreters perform under the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators (AUSIT) Code of Ethics and are required to keep the content of any interpreting assignment confidential.
    Do you have any other specific requirements for the job?*
    High profile subject type*
    Sensitive subject type*
    Acknowledgement of Terms
    I have read and understand the department’s privacy statement*
    I have read and understand the department’s security statement*
    I have read and understood the department’s terms and conditions for Bookings and Services*
    I acknowledge that interpreting requires a high level of concentration and agree to provide reasonable short breaks for interpreters throughout longer jobs, in accordance with Workplace Health and Safety obligations*

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