Pre-booked phone interpreting

Pre-booked phone interpreting assignments allow agencies to pre-book an interpreter in advance for a non-English speaking (NES) client e.g. a doctor’s appointment. 

Pre-booked phone assignments can support: 

  • Complex or highly sensitive subject matter
  • Briefing the interpreter about any critical information before connecting the NES 
  • Higher success rates of securing a rare language interpreter or a language with limited availability. This is a result of the request being offered to the highest credentialed interpreter nationwide
  • Providing important documentation to the interpreter before the assignment e.g. pre-reading materials.

Please note: charges may apply for any administrative work required by the assigned interpreter.

All interpreting booking requests must be made through the TIS Online portal and wherever possible, with at least one week’s prior notice.

Bookings have a minimum time of 30 minutes and may be made for appointments up to 90 calendar days in advance from the date of request.