Tip Tuesday: Get the most out of your interpreting session

02 January 2018

Here are tips to help you save time and get the most out of your interpreting session:

  • Allow time prior to the interview to introduce yourself and brief the interpreter so they have an understanding of the session topic.
  • It is ideal to position yourself so that the non-English speaking client is directly facing you and the interpreter is sitting to the side.
  • Always speak in the first person and speak directly to the non-English speaker.
  • Allow the interpreter to clarify information if necessary.
  • Use clear language and short sentences and avoid using jargon, slang, idioms or proverbs.
  • Include a pause after each sentence so that the call participants do not talk over each other or cut each other off.

Watch our Hints and tips for working with interpreters video for more hints and tips.

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