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Tedim Chin language listing change

Created: 11 May 2021

To assist clients correctly identify and request Zomi Chin-speaking interpreters, TIS National has changed its current language listing. Research suggests that Zomi is an alternative name for the Tedim Chin language. To reflect this, TIS National has modified the Tedim Chin language listing to read Tedim Chin (alt Zomi [Myanmar]). The name Zomi is also used as an alternate name for other languages spoken in India (Vaiphei and Paite Chin). To reduce confusion, the country name Myanmar is included in the more

Telehealth video interpreting for medical consultations is available now

Created: 21 August 2020

In response to the growing demand for Telehealth consultations, TIS National has launched a new booking capability for Telehealth video interpreting services. This service is currently only available to: General Practitioners Medical Specialists Nurse Practitioners, and  Allied Health Professionals. Our Telehealth video interpreting guide for agencies is available in the Help & support section on TIS Online. The guide contains information about agency client eligibility and instructions more

International Translation Day 2018

Created: 27 September 2018

This Sunday 30 September, International Translation Day will be celebrated to appreciate the vital role of language professionals who bridge the communication gap within our dynamic and culturally diverse communities. The International Federation of Translators (FIT) allocate a yearly theme for each year’s celebration, this year’s being; Translation: promoting cultural heritage in changing times. This theme highlights the role of translation in promoting an understanding of the intangible cultural heritage more

Tax time: non-English speakers call TIS National

Created: 16 July 2019

TIS National and the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) will work together to ensure individuals with limited or no English language skills’ can access the ATO to have their tax questions answered with the assistance of a TIS National interpreter.   TIS National can help non-English speakers call the ATO in their local time; Monday to Friday 8am—8pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am—4pm.   Call TIS National on 131 more

Tip Tuesday: When to use an on-site interpreter?

Created: 27 February 2018

When using a phone interpreter would not be suitable, TIS National can arrange for an interpreter to visit your location. On-site interpreting services can be arranged for any location in Australia (subject to interpreter availability). An on-site interpreter may be most appropriate when: you have a scheduled appointment with a client the appointment is of a sensitive or serious nature you anticipate that the appointment will go for an extended period of time. Read how to book and on-site more

NEW: Multilingual instructional resource for non-English speakers

Created: 21 February 2018

At TIS National, we always strive to provide an excellent service to our clients. To ensure that non-English speakers (NES) are able to access interpreting services effectively, TIS National developed an instructional poster for non-English speakers calling 131 450, which displays the process of a NES initiated call to TIS National. The instructional poster is available in our high in demand languages and is downloadable for agencies to display to their clients. Check out the latest multilingual more

Free Interpreting Service extended to eligible allied health professionals in private practice

Created: 24 October 2022

Eligible allied health professionals working in private practices and delivering services to patients within approved Local Government Areas can now access the Free Interpreting Service. To find out more about this initiative, including eligibility criteria, please visit:  If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact the Free more

TIS National booking requirements: 48 hour minimum notice time for pre-booked telephone requests, from 27 September 2021

Created: 20 September 2021

As of 27 September 2021, agency clients are required to provide 48 hours’ minimum notice in order for TIS National to service pre-booked telephone requests. The following guidelines apply for all pre-booked telephone requests: Submit pre-booked phone requests at least 48 hours prior to the time and date you require the interpreter Failure to provide at least 48 hours’ notice may result in TIS National being unable to service your request If you require interpreting services within 48 hours, more

Video remote interpreting

Created: 08 August 2022

About video remote interpreting Video remote interpreting allows agencies to connect with an interpreter via a video conferencing platform rather than on-site or via phone. TIS National offers all agency clients the ability to book interpreters for video remote interpreting services through our online booking system, TIS Online.  This service will complement TIS National’s existing on-site and telephone interpreting services by providing agencies with added flexibility when booking interpreters for more

Access to professional support

Created: 03 August 2020

We consider the health and safety of interpreters on the TIS panel to be important and seek to provide programmes for their on-going support. TIS National provides free and confidential short term counselling for interpreters and their immediate families through the department’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Benestar is the department's provider of the EAP and their staff are professionally qualified psychologists or social workers. The EAP can cover a broad range of topics for work related or more