TIS Online for interpreters

TIS Online is an automated booking tool which allows our agency clients to request, manage and monitor all of their TIS National on-site interpreter bookings online and allows our interpreters to select the jobs they would like to complete.

Watch a short video about TIS Online

Download the Word version of the TIS Online video transcript

There are a range of benefits to using TIS Online:

  • Never miss a job offer: All jobs are posted to all interpreters who meet the requirements of the job, meaning you can log in to accept jobs whenever it’s convenient for you.

  • Stay connected wherever you go: TIS Online works on mobile devices, allowing you to manage your bookings anywhere, anytime.

  • Have more control over your schedule: Instead of receiving ad-hoc job offers from booking officers, with TIS Online you can see the jobs that are available at the times you are free allowing you to better manage your schedule.

  • Pick the jobs you want, when you want: You can see all of the job details through TIS Online including the name of the agency, the time, location and any other details provided by the agency, allowing you to quickly pick and choose the jobs that work best for you.

  • Return, finalise or vary your jobs: If you can no longer complete a job you have accepted, provided the start time of the job is more than 24 hours away, you can return the job using TIS Online. You can also finalise, vary or dispute your jobs easily through TIS Online.

  • Keep informed: TIS Online automatically sends you notifications when new jobs become available, your job details are updated or when you update your information.

  • Easily update your details and availability: You can quickly and easily update your availability and personal details including your email address, contact phone numbers, residential and postal address and NAATI credential through TIS Online.

As a TIS National interpreter, you are automatically registered with a TIS Online account to manage your on-site jobs. Visit the login to TIS Online page to get started.

A guide to TIS Online for interpreters

A guide to TIS Online for interpreters is an instructional guide which provides an overview of:

  • what TIS Online is
  • how to get started using TIS Online including logging in, using the TIS Online dashboard, updating your personal details, how you will receive notifications and how to change your password
  • how to manage your jobs, including viewing and accepting available jobs, viewing upcoming jobs you have accepted, returning jobs you can no longer complete, how you will be notified of cancelled jobs, how to finalise jobs and how to vary or dispute jobs
  • how to access support
  • key terms and a legend of icons used throughout TIS Online.

Download the PDF version of A guide to TIS Online for interpreters

Download the Word version of A guide to TIS Online for interpreters

TIS Online instructional video

The TIS Online instructional video has been developed to provide interpreters with a practical demonstration on how to use TIS Online, including how to:

  • log in to TIS Online
  • navigate the TIS Online dashboard
  • view and accept new jobs available to you
  • find, view and manage your upcoming jobs
  • manage jobs which have been updated
  • finalise jobs which are completed
  • manage your personal profile.

Watch the TIS Online instructional video for interpreters

Download the Word version of the TIS Online instructional video for interpreters transcript

Help and support

You can access answers to a range of frequently asked questions related to TIS Online from our Frequently Asked Questions for interpreters page.

Alternatively you can contact the Channel Support Team for assistance. The team is available during standard business hours. For urgent enquiries outside of these hours, please call the TIS National contact centre on 131 450.

For assistance with matters not related to TIS Online, please contact the TIS National Interpreter Liaison team.