Automated Telephone Interpreting Service (ATIS)

ATIS is an automated immediate interpreting service for agency clients who need to access a phone interpreter.

ATIS allows you to immediately communicate with your non-English speaking client with a phone interpreter, without having to call the TIS National Contact Centre for operator-assisted interpreter allocation. Previously available in 18 languages, ATIS is now available in over 50 languages.

Why use ATIS?

  • Direct access to an immediate phone interpreter.

  • Save time by avoiding lengthy call wait times during peak times.

  • Available in over 50 languages.

  • Access ATIS through a single free call 1800 number.

How do I use ATIS?


Call 1800 131 450.

2. When prompted, say the language that you need.

Choose the gender of your interpreter by pressing:

1. to select either gender

2. to select a female interpreter

3. to select a male interpreter.

4. Enter your ATIS account number, then enter your ATIS access number. 
5. Write down the job number provided.

ATIS video

TIS National has produced a short video explaining the simple five step process to accessing an immediate phone interpreter through ATIS. Watch the ATIS video.

How do I conference my client into the call?

Please ensure you are using a phone that has conferencing ability to call the non-English speaking client if they are not with you, as ATIS cannot create a conference call for you.

What languages are available through ATIS?

 ATIS Languages
Albanian Hindi Punjabi
Albanian Hindi Punjabi
Amharic Indonesian Rohingya
Arabic Italian Russian
Assyrian Japanese Samoan
Bengali (alt Bangla) Khmer Serbian
Bosnian Kirundi Sinhalese
Cantonese Korean Somali
Chaldean Southern Kurdish [Feyli] Spanish
Hakha Chin Kurmanji Kurdish (alt Northern Kurdish/Ezdiki) Sudanese Arabic
Croatian Macedonian Swahili (alt Ki-Swahili)
Dari Malay Tamil
Dinka Mandarin Thai
Farsi (alt Persian) Myanmar language (alt Burmese) Tibetan
Filipino (alt Tagalog) Nepali Tigrinya
French Oromo Turkish
German Pashto Urdu
Greek Polish Vietnamese
Hazaragi Portuguese  

For languages not serviced through ATIS, please call the TIS National Contact Centre on 131 450.

More information

If ATIS is unable to allocate an interpreter for your request, your call will be re-directed to a TIS National Contact Centre operator. When calling ATIS please have your TIS National client code ready in case your call is re-directed to a TIS National operator.

How much does ATIS cost?

You can access ATIS through a single free call 1800 number, reducing flag-fall costs for high volume users.

ATIS users may also be eligible to receive a discount of up to 10 per cent off the automated immediate phone interpreting charges.

To find out more about the ATIS discount, please contact our Service Delivery Team.

How do I register for ATIS?                   

To use ATIS you need to have a:

  • TIS National client code
  • ATIS account number
  • ATIS access number.

To register for ATIS you can either:

  • submit an ATIS application form on the TIS National website
  • contact our Service Delivery Team
  • add a new ATIS account from within your TIS Online ‘Agency account’ tab: 

      1. Click 'Add new ATIS account'.

        2. Enter your chosen account name and access number, then click 'Add'.  

      Need help with ATIS?

      Please contact the TIS National Service Delivery Team for assistance using the ATIS service.